Five Foolproof Steps to Hire a Realtor to Sell Your House

Five Foolproof Steps to Hire a Realtor to Sell Your House

When you want to sell your house, hiring a realtor will be the first and the most critical step to make. But finding a good one requires some wise considerations. Otherwise, your house may be undervalued, and you won’t get the money as you deserve.

Calculate the Time You Have

If you’re racing with time, it will be difficult to get a profitable deal. Even if you sell it to a quick-house-sale agency which is experienced in buying your home, you still need to be realistic about the time allocation that you have. On average, selling a house requires three or four months of preparation, marketing, and showings. You can’t just make a deal with the first potential buyers who come to your showings because it is most likely that they’ll negotiate for a much lower price. And things can get worse if they know that you are pressed for time.

Browse Through Several Realtors

When it comes to real estates, you can’t trust the info you get from one or two realtors only. The safe number will be five or seven evaluations from different real estate agencies. By then, you’ll find some patterns that you can use as a basis.

We use the word ‘browse’ here since it has become very common to rely on the Internet for this task. Besides, there is nothing wrong with it. You can see how professional a realtor is just by looking at their company profile online, a skill that you will learn below.

1. Check for Google rates

2. Look for reviews from clients

3. Investigate the company’s social media, and see if there are cases of disgruntled clients that have not been resolved

Discuss Commission Upfront

Before talking about the valuation of your property, it will be better to inquire about the commission percentage first. The standard rate will be from 5% to 6%. Anything beyond that means either a ripoff or your house having some issues that make it difficult to sell.

Profile the Agent

Working with a reputable realtor might seem like the smartest option. But please consider the fact that they are often overbooked. For instance, an agent who gets frequently interrupted with phone calls can mean that he/she does not take your case seriously. If you feel like you are taken for granted, switch to another realtor that can handle your sale more professionally.

Also, pay attention to the words used by the realtor. An Irrational appraisal shows recklessness while undermotivated manner can lead to a slow sale.

Ask About How the Agent Gives You the Update

When you have to choose between a phone call and emails, you must pick the latter because it is more traceable. Experienced realtors must have known about this, but you still need to emphasize that you are aware of the service you deserve.

Scheduling and re-scheduling are also better to be communicated via emails. If cancelation happens too often, you can easily track the conversation and expose the agent’s negligence.