Bath County Takes Stand Against Wind Turbines

Excerpt from Recorder Article:

Ken Landgraf, chief forest planner and acting [George Washington National Forest] forest supervisor, said, “We received a very good letter from the county” about wind development.

He said due to potential impact on bats and birds as well as visual concerns, the forest service considered recommending prohibiting wind development throughout the forest. “We looked at the fact there is a national initiative to develop wind energy and wondered if it would be fair to say no on the whole forest,” Landgraf said.

Any proposal submitted for wind development would be subject to “rigorous” environmental analysis, Landgraf said. There would be several obstacles, including endangered bats and other species, he noted.

Bath supervisor Jon Trees said he spoke on behalf of the board and, he believed, the majority of county citizens. “I am adamantly opposed to wind turbines in Bath County,” he said. “We have invested a lot of time and energy in creating a tourism plan. Tourism is the main industry we have to offer in Bath County. When people come to Bath, Highland and Allegheny, they expect to see what they see now. Wind turbines do not belong in Bath County.”