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5 Creative Ways to Give Your Porch a New Look

After a long tasking day, all you want is a welcoming and relaxing feel in your home. Aside from the living room, the porch is another area where you can rest. It connects your home life to the outside world.

Making small improvements to your porch can go a long way in creating an inviting mood in your home for family and friends. Consider these five creative ways to refresh the look of this vital entry to your home:

Power Wash the Porch

The elements of weather, such as the sunlight and rain, can wear the porch out over the years. Stains are also common in this area.

You can give it a new look by applying acid stain on the concrete to make it sparkling clean. Besides, washing the area with a pressure washer is a great idea to make it look new.

Invest in New Furniture

Outdoor sitting areas like the patio and porch are fantastic places to relax in your free time, especially when the weather is favorable like in the summer.

Purchasing new furniture for the porch is an excellent way of bringing a touch of class to it. Though the option can be costly, you don’t have to spend lots of money on the exercise. For example, you can install a simple swing bench and beautify it with colorful cushions. Alternatively, you can repaint your old set of furniture or change their covers and cushions.

Include Potted Plants

One of the easiest ways to improve your porch is by adding potted plants in the area. As you select the flowers to decorate the porch, consider their color and ability to tolerate harsh weather.

Use old cans, pitchers, and flower pots to bring life to your entry. You can arrange the flowers in an elegant way besides handing some on the porch rails.

Repaint Your Trim

Repainting the main door and the trim around the door and the windows will refresh the porch. The door is the main attraction to anyone visiting your home. A new coat of paint will transform this area to make it more appealing to visitors and family members. It is also an affordable way to create a new image of the entry.

You can make the job easier by selecting a color that resembles the original color of the door and the trims. If the paint on these areas is chipped or peeled, use a scrape to ensure that the final coat will be smooth and even.

The porch rails and the fascia are other areas that you can repaint to give the space a fresh new look. Consider repainting with bold colors to draw the attention of visitors. The reds, turquoises, and yellows are an ideal choice for the task.

Install Drapes

Installing outdoor curtains is another fascinating way to make improvements to your porch. Select drapes with attractive colors to complement the looks of this important entry to your home. Besides beautifying the place, the drapes will add privacy and shield the place from the elements of weather, such as strong winds and sunlight.…