Open letter to Mr. Frank Maisano, spokesperson for Appalachian wind developers

Mr. Maisano – I see that you are quoted in several articles concerning the WV PSC denial of a permit for the Liberty Gap wind project.

One of the issues raised by the WV PSC is that the applicant has failed to prepare the Habitat Conservation Plan and obtain the Incidental Take Permit needed for compliance with the Endangered Species Act. I believe that this failure had to do with the fact that there are no proven measures for avoiding bat mortality. The applicants certainly knew that if they pursued the matter the lack of mitigation measures would become all too clear. I note that you neglect this key issue in your newspaper statements.

I understand the role that you play as wind industry PR person. But I suggest that you do a disservice to potential investors in Allegheny Highlands wind projects. Given that the only mitigation measure for the bat mortality problem is likely to be project curtailment, any requirement for effective monitoring of bat mortality is not likely to appeal to investors. And it is not likely that future projects will go forward without strict monitoring requirements.